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2009-08-18 (Tuesday)


  1. Facebook Connect CodeIgniter Library « Elliot Haughin

    That photo does not endear me to the chap but this is still quite handy if you’re after that kind of thing.

  2. Ajax with Codeigniter | Setting Up Jquery | Tools for Ajax | Web Lee

    I usually like reading docs rather than screencasts, but, while these weren’t *quite* what I was after, they’re quite good. And it’s nice to have an English accent on these things.

  3. Government Beyond Obama? - The New York Review of Books

    A review of ‘The Case for Big Government’ from March 2009, good at putting levels of US federal government spending in a historical perspective.

  4. Simonw’s mytweets at master - GitHub

    “Script for saving a JSON archive of your tweets.” I’m already archiving mine another way, but a handy thing nonetheless.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Hopes of getting to bed early scuppered by a careless baker 343 years ago. Thanks mate.

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    Improved (not "levelled up") at Facebook Connect yesterday, jQuery and Ajax today. I'll be a proper developer if I'm not careful.

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    I'm convinced @fidothe is making up the names of his programming thingys. Hudson? Glassfish? Jetty? Cucumber? Shoulda? Pilates? Ickyness?