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Links tagged with “email”

  1. SympaLists: Sympa hosting in Europe

    “an open source, scalable, and highly-customizable modern mailing-list manager.” Hosted from €2.30/month.

  2. Running Costs

    I love this breakdown of the costs of running Buttondown’s email newsletter business. I wish more small companies would/could do this.

  3. About | Buttondown

    Really nice looking email newsletter service. (via Tom Taylor)


    Email groups / lists. Probably nicer than Google Groups.

  5. The Eudora™ Email Client Source Code – Core+ – Medium

    Release of the source code and an all-too brief history of Eudora. (via Daring Fireball)

  6. Email transparency

    From 2013, with a 2014, update on how Stripe have (most) of their internal email visible by everyone internally. (Lots of Google Groups.)

  7. [messaging] Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto

    Fascinating summary, from 2014, of the problems with blocking email spam and how end-to-end encryption affects that.

  8. Simple Team Performance Management - iDoneThis

    Seems a nice idea: “Reply to an evening email reminder with what you did that day. The next day, get a digest with what everyone on the team got done.” I like email as an interface to things. (via @dotcode)

  9. NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours | Sealed Abstract

    Interesting. I’m also increasingly fascinated by the breadth of knowledge about technical things. For example, this is a very hand-holding, step-by-step guide and yet it assumes “you kinda-sorta know how to configure a secure server.” This is for a minuscule percentage of people.

  10. Breeze is closing on August 1, 2013

    Oh, that’s a shame. Seemed a nice, simple implementation of group email lists from what I’d read.

  11. I just got this email at work. I have no idea what is going on. : WTF

    I’ve been getting these occasionally, for quite a while, too. Very odd.

  12. 24 ways: Rock Solid HTML Emails

    2009, but I assume this is still a good overview of what you should and shouldn’t do when making HTML emails.

  13. Origins of e-mail: My mea culpa - Omblog - The Washington Post

    A good apology but it’s surprising that they could publish something that wrong, twice. Yes, we *do* expect journalists to check everything; isn’t that why they’re better than mere bloggers (or so they tell us)? (via @alanconnor)

  14. phpBB • View topic - How to stop a user being sent emails?

    Because I’ll forget where this is next time I need it. I’m amazed there’s not a way to simply disable email-sending for a user whose email is bouncing.

  15. Paul Ford on interacting with his archived self

    On what it’s like to search his archive of email since 1995, and what he may or may not have been like then. (via Waxy)

  16. Coding Horror: So You’d Like to Send Some Email (Through Code)

    Things you should do when sending email via code. (via Daring Fireball)

  17. IMAP Folders

    Cal’s Perl script for seeing which of your IMAP folders are taking up most space. Handy.

  18. » MsgFiler

    This is a handy little thing to make Apple’s Mail application a bit more wieldy if you have lots of folders.

  19. YouTube - Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009

    I finally got round to watching this demo. I rarely need collaborative tools and I like plain text email. And yet this really looks like the future. Worth setting aside some time to watch until the end.

  20. Bug 247193 – imap quota notification is displayed again and again

    Great. The problem I’m having with Thunderbird has remained unfixed for FIVE YEARS. Go team! May have to switch.

  21. How do I stop the “Mailbox is at 90% of quota” alerts?

    No, really, how do I do this in Thunderbird? Anyone? Or anyone know somewhere else I can ask where I might get an answer? It’s driving me nuts enough to consider switching to Apple Mail.

  22. Philgyford’s mailman-archive-scraper at master - GitHub

    My first Python code and my first attempt at using GitHub. Suggestions for things I’ve done wrong are welcome, but please be gentle.

  23. MailSteward

    A pay-for Mac app that archives email into SQLite or MySQL databases. Looks pretty awesome for searchable backups. Need the pro version for large volumes of email (>100,000 messages).

  24. Tabbloid

    Will regularly email you a PDF of your chosen RSS feeds. Couldn’t be much simpler. (via Russell Davies)

  25. Yahoo downgrades antispam measure after causing BT email chaos | Technology | The Guardian

    Including a quote from “freelance web consultant and blogger Phil Gyford”.

  26. Mail-trends - Google Code

    “Mail Trends lets you analyze and visualize your email (as extracted from an IMAP server)” Haven’t tried it, but it looks purty. (via Haddock)

  27. Offline folders - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

    The hidden (in that you have to create it) Thunderbird setting to have it store copies of IMAP messages locally.

  28. - projects

    “… a native cocoa mail client that uses the Mozilla mail/news library and the gecko browser view that Camino uses.” Early days.

  29. The Joyent Community / Any news on IronPorts (or even spamassassin or grep -v “st0ckZ”)?

    “A brief history of announced spam solutions from Joyent/Textdrive.” Since 2005. Still waiting.

  30. Infinity Data Systems | Odysseus

    A successor to Eudora, an alternative to the Thunderbird-based one. Somewhat behind schedule, but one lives in hope.

  31. Associate Email Addresses with a Google Account

    I’ve wanted to do this for ages and didn’t know you could. So you can, for example, get your Google Groups messages sent to different email addresses. (via Technovia)

  32. WideMail

    Another plugin that gives you a three column interface. Better / worse / different to Letterbox?

  33. » Letterbox

    A plugin for that rearranges the interface into three columns, which might help me survive the switch from Eudora.

  34. Eudora Mailbox Cleaner

    After nearly 14 years with Eudora I might switch to when I upgrade to Leopard. This looks like just what I need for exporting and importing my life safely.

  35. The RoundCube Webmail Project

    Nice looking, free, open source web-based IMAP email client.

  36. DailyLit: Read books by email and RSS.

    Read books, bit by bit, day by day, by email or RSS and gradually read a whole book.

  37. Jeffrey Zeldman Presents : E-mail is not a platform for design

    On why non-HTML email is still the way to go. Would be good to have some more facts and figures for ammunition when needed… (via Daring Fireball)

  38. Knuth versus Email

    Donald Knuth gave up on email in 1990, after fifteen years. (via Kottke)

  39. Correo - a new mail client for OS X

    Thunderbird-based email client from the people who do Camino. (via Blech)

  40. Apophenia: suckage explained

    Having no spare time, not wanting any more email, microfame, attention. (via Haddock)

  41. Hawk Wings

    Apple Mail blog. I was thinking of switching to Apple Mail from Eudora when I saved this link, but probably won’t now. But just in case…

  42. TidBITS - Eudora to Become Open Source Collaboration with Mozilla

    Bugger. I’ve been using Eudora since early 1995. At some point the current version will no doubt stop working with future versions of OS X. (via Daring Fireball and others)

  43. Mind Hacks: Why email is addictive (and what to do about it)

    I’ve got this bad. I need to replace my Apple-M habit with Apple-Q. (via Yoz)

  44. Botld - In 2008, I stop using email.

    If practical it would be a nice balance of high and low tech. Tempting. (via ChrisDodo)

  45. Vitamin Features » HTML Emails - Taming the Beast

    For future reference. Although I really hope I never ever need it (via Plasticbag).

  46. If:book: the selected, annotated outbox of dave eggers

    When reading reviews of books about someone’s letters I’ve wondered what will be gleaned in the future from someone who only uses email. (via plasticbag)

  47. Rootburn: Pressure Connections

    Maybe we need something like A Month Of Unsubscribing - unsub from one RSS feed a day for a month. As a start. (via 2lmc)

  48. » Posting to your Blog from a POP3 account

    Including simple “how to install Perl modules” guide.

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