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2006-06-09 (Friday)



  1. London Tube Map With Distance Grids

    The conventional tube map with geographic distortions shown by a bendy grid. (via Tom Carden)

  2. Botld - In 2008, I stop using email.

    If practical it would be a nice balance of high and low tech. Tempting. (via ChrisDodo)

  3. Mattias Adolfsson

    Wonderful, solid, sketchy drawings. Click the “Drawing” or “Sketch Books” links. Inspiring. (via Drawn!)

  4. Vitamin Features » HTML Emails - Taming the Beast

    For future reference. Although I really hope I never ever need it (via Plasticbag).

  5. MT Extensions: MTTagInvoke 0.9

    I could have done with this so many times before this week, when I stumbled across it. Linking to it because I’ll forget the name by next week.

  6. My coffeehouse nightmare. By Michael Idov

    Why not to dream about running a coffeeshop.