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2020-06-26 (Friday)


  1. Running Costs

    I love this breakdown of the costs of running Buttondown’s email newsletter business. I wish more small companies would/could do this.

  2. 15 Years of | Flickr

    Screenshots of the home page through the years, from 1994 to 2009.


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    @bowbrick Hmm... any better?

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    @Zoonie What if... they were right?!

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    @abscond I had forgotten that was a thing. It's a very satisfying name.

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    @nowtvhelp Oh, weird. Thanks.

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    @nowtvhelp Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear: I don't want to remove the continue watching section, I want to remove a show from the continue watching section.

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    @nowtvhelp OK... so how do I remove the show if there's no button?

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    Tag yourself. (1994, 1995 (me), 2000, 2005, from…)

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    @nowtvhelp How do I remove something from my "Continue Watching" list? I don't want to continue but I don't want it sitting there for ever. Thanks!

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    I’ve asked this in interviews at my aerospace engineering firm for 30 years: What planes do you build at home? Many answer they dont have time. Wrong. Build missiles at home. Every day. If you dont have that passion aerospace engineering isn't really for you. Launch small rockets