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2013-08-20 (Tuesday)


  1. NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours | Sealed Abstract

    Interesting. I’m also increasingly fascinated by the breadth of knowledge about technical things. For example, this is a very hand-holding, step-by-step guide and yet it assumes “you kinda-sorta know how to configure a secure server.” This is for a minuscule percentage of people.


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    @blech @designswarm @rociorodtjer Me too (never seen Girls, liked Frances Ha).

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    @revdancatt @infovore @gilesa74 @Thayer I think it’s the difference between feeling something and logically knowing it.I’d *feel* similarly.

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    @holgate I’ve spent longer than that on him simply by reading the overnight tweets complaining about him.

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    “If you press the flesh too much do you get a wet signature?”