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2010-04-17 (Saturday)


  1. with a Volcano Ashes Layer

    Similar to, but includes a “Volcano Ashes Layer” on the map.

  2. Stack Exchange 2.0 - StackExchangeBlog

    The process for setting up Stack Overflow-style question and answer sites and, importantly, ensuring they’re busy enough to be useful. Interesting.

  3. Watch Air Traffic - LIVE! - We said cash, not ash!

    Amazing. And I want to drag the planes around a la ‘Flight Control’. As I look now there are no planes in Europe north of Spain. Wow.

  4. IMAP Folders

    Cal’s Perl script for seeing which of your IMAP folders are taking up most space. Handy.


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    Pizza, beer and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Now off to see 'The Ghost'. #ashwidower

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    Phew, done, time to go home. 3.5 weeks of Diary in hand, more ahead than I've ever been I think.

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    Ooh, flight-tracking fans, has a "Volcano Ashes Layer" on the map! Awesome.

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    There's a plane over northern Germany! Don't they know!? Come in BER669P, your time's up!

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    Are all the rubbish tracks on old Madness albums rubbish because they're rubbish or rubbish because I didn't get to know them when I was 10?

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    @megp It's a service rather than software, but seems popular and well-liked. Haven't used it myself though.

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    In the office for the afternoon, with a scotch egg, slab of fruit cake, and Mr Pepys.

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    Breakfast, coffee, Top 40 on TV, window open on a sunny morning, birds singing.