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Links tagged with “advertising”

  1. The Last Psychiatrist: Luxury Branding The Future Leaders Of The World

    From 2011. A fun read, superficially about Patek Philippe’s advertising. (via Dan Hon)

  2. CHAMBER OF HORRORS – The King’s Shilling

    A collection of awful recruitment ads and similar.

  3. #Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement - The New Yorker

    But that previous Guardian article is nothing compared to these people and their lives as brand and product pushers. Ugh.

  4. Putting you in the picture: yes, you can earn a living on Instagram | Money | The Guardian

    After arguing about this… it annoys me a lot because I wanted the internet to give individuals the power of the media’s reach so they could share their thoughts, passions, views, etc, and didn’t realise they’d also ape the media’s more dubious methods of making money by shilling for brands.

  5. An oral history of ‘Get a Mac,’ Part 1 | Campaign US

    A good read, that mainly reminds me I need some more John Hodgeman in my life. (via @antimega)

  6. ‘We’re not leaving this bar until we’ve come up with such a great idea that I can’t sack you”

    Transcript of Tony Ageh at The Story Conference 2014. Really good, on advertising, The [Guardian] Guide, iPlayer.

  7. The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising » Nieman Journalism Lab

    Really good interview, on finishability, advertising, types of digital news models. (via Tom Taylor)

  8. Development Aesthetics

    Relentless images of and comment on the hoardings surrounding new developments, mostly in London.

  9. Russell Davies: it’s the cardigan that makes it

    This is a good 23 minute watch — Russell answering questions sent by students about advertising planning.

  10. The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk

    Text of a great, if depressing, talk about privacy, internet advertising and business models by Maciej Cegłowski. “Investor storytime is when someone pays you to tell them how rich they’ll get when you finally put ads on your site.” (via @antimega)

  11. How the Banner Ad Was Born | Digiday

    On the first banner ad, created at HotWired in 1994. (via Daring Fireball)

  12. The ‘Whoa’ Business Model

    Yes, this, a thousand times. Every time I go to the cinema and have to sit through loads of ads, I hate cinemas. (via Daring Fireball)

  13. Your Choices | YourOnlineChoices UK

    Opting out of ads that creepily follow you round the web. Includes advertising services that weren’t on the Network Advertising Initiative page I linked to a couple of weeks back. (via @rooreynolds)

  14. Network Advertising Initiative - Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

    “Select all” then “Submit”. In theory I feel I should find targeted ads more useful and interesting. But, no: increasingly creepy.

  15. Imperica - The future of the future

    Leila Johnston and Chris Heathcote discuss (in text) visions of the future, and advertising’s representation of the future.

  16. Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil’s Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever

    I’d love this in London. Well, any and every city really. (via Blech)

  17. 00:/Blog - Silicon Roundabout’s ‘Start-up City’

    Ugh. How do you take the really ugly Old Street roundabout and make it even more ugly and hideous and somewhere you really wouldn’t want to be? Like this! (via @antimega)

  18. In English « Haluan nähdä muutakin

    1458 people donated money to keep 21 bus and tram stops in Helsinki free of advertising for a week. A shame the posters still had big text on though. (via @antimega)

  19. Copy©unts

    Showing where advertisers steal their ideas from. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t still claim to be innovative. (via Haddock)

  20. Facebook | News Feed and Wall Privacy

    Opt out of having your photos appear in advertisements shown to your friends. YOUR PHOTOS APPEAR IN ADVERTISEMENTS SHOWN TO YOUR FRIENDS. ffs. (via Haddock)

  21. Buildings and Food: How to look at billboards

    Brilliant essay from 1960 about how outdoor advertising is entirely wrong. Wish I’d written it. When I rule the world outdoor advertising will be banned. (via Kottke)

  22. London cops reach new heights of anti-terror poster stupidity - Boing Boing

    It’s hard to believe these posters aren’t some kind of parody. And it’s hard to react without using clichés (1984, Orwellian, etc).

  23. YouTube - Orangina Naturally Juicy French version

    I’ve seen this ad at the cinema in Paris and it doesn’t make me want to drink Orangina. It makes me want to never go to the countryside again.

  24. Telephone and broadband packages

    The Advertising Standards Authority on phone and broadband claims of “Unlimited” usage: “Something can be described as ‘unlimited’ even if a fair-use policy exists.” Pathetic. A licence for companies to print lies, correcting via a footnote. (via Haddock)

  25. São Paulo No Logo - a photoset on Flickr

    Advertising on large outdoor hoardings has been banned. When I rule the world this will happen in London. Oh, and everywhere else, seeing as I’ll rule the world. (via Haddock)

  26. Art MoCo: “Delete! - Delettering the Public Space”

    Art project that blanks out all the signs in a street. Got lots of linkage ages ago but it took me a while to find it again this week.

  27. The Art of DeTouch

    Widget showing how advertising / publicity photos have been retouched. (via Kottke)

  28. Wonderland: New PSP advert

    Cool TV ad by Alice’s sister, a smidgen of which was shot one Sunday downstairs on Beech Street.

  29. Stella Artois - Le Sacrifice , ad, advert | visit4info | TV/Cinema

    I don’t like adverts, but I do smile when I see this fake surrealist film ad at the cinema. Nicely done.

  30. The Living Room Candidate

    Awesomely comprehensive collection of US presidential campaign TV adverts from 1952 to 2004 (doesn’t seem to work in Firefox).

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