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2011-01-24 (Monday)



  1. Little Big Details

    Examples of nice little UI touches. Some a bit obvious but others that are lovely. (via @paulpod)

  2. Trustworthy Digital Repository - Chronicle of Life

    Really interesting description of an organisation to keep peoples’ data safe forever. This organisational stuff must be at least half the battle, aside from technical things. Rest of site seems a bit… clunky though. (via Haddock)

  3. Implementing a Fixed Position iOS Web Application - Google Mobile Developer Products - Google Code

    Brilliant: how to (a) make page elements fixed on iOS Safari (which doesn’t acknowledge position:fixed, grrrr) and (b) do scrolling with momentum. Gmail in iOS Safari is very swish.

  4. In English « Haluan nähdä muutakin

    1458 people donated money to keep 21 bus and tram stops in Helsinki free of advertising for a week. A shame the posters still had big text on though. (via @antimega)


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    A top-level directory is for life, not just for the duration of a manager's whim. #bbc

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    @RichardA @revdancatt Maybe the Guardian could do away with printing articles - just print the links to them all instead?

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    @revdancatt That. Is. Brilliant.

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    @tomcoates First though, you need to find the correct font to embody that dynamism and productivity.