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2012-01-19 (Thursday)


  1. FitText - A plugin for inflating web type

    “Use this [jQuery] plugin on your fluid or responsive layout to achieve scalable headlines that fill the width of a parent element.” Nice. (via @simonw)

  2. Imperica - The future of the future

    Leila Johnston and Chris Heathcote discuss (in text) visions of the future, and advertising’s representation of the future.


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    @benhammersley As an observer of both, @GOVUK feels like it's BBC News Online 15 years ago. Doing something important and doing it right.

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    I’m really going to have to set aside some time to find StackOverflow questions I can answer. I owe the hive mind.

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    @cuica Blimey, congrats! I hope you cope well with life outside the Guardian after so long :)

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    Impossible diagrams: A chart showing how many companies founded in, say, 1880 were still running in every year between then and now.

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    “git push really firmly”

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    @denisewilton Designing things that were pretty and wishing they were doing something useful. Now they think they’re doing something useful.