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2012-04-11 (Wednesday)


  1. The value of our historical Instagram products

    Looking at the potential value of all the Instagram photos we’ve taken, with regard to Karl Marx, John Lanchester and Matt Webb.


  1. Your Choices | YourOnlineChoices UK

    Opting out of ads that creepily follow you round the web. Includes advertising services that weren’t on the Network Advertising Initiative page I linked to a couple of weeks back. (via @rooreynolds)


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    HTML/CSS/JS for Client 1; to Greenwich for ace Client 2 meeting; to office; fixes for Client 3; blog post; home; 4 Whit Stillman blog posts.

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    @jonty I think the system is only used by a minority of flats now. Not very eco-friendly and can be smelly.

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    @jonty I think the Barbican Estate Office organised it, but I don’t think I’ve heard of them doing so since.

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    @iamdanw @jonty A similar system was invented in 1927 (plus my photos of the Barbican’s )

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    @rooreynolds Yeah, I eventually went from intrigued to creeped out. Opting out of a bunch of ad networks has helped:

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    @holgate A pleasure. For once something nagging at my brain coincided with a moment of feasibly spare time at the computer.

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    I wrote this, poking at the idea of whether we’ve created Instagram’s value by posting our photos:

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    I'll need to watch 'Caine's Arcade' again, just to counteract all the grumpy ranting Twitter delivered to me this morning. Twice.

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    "You won’t like me when I’m angry. Becase I always back up my rage with facts and documented sources." – The Credible Hulk

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    to confuse matters, i've been secretly paying @ftrain to argue with @fraying, and splitting the money with @yoz . The sum? ONE BILLION DOLLA