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Writing tagged weeknotes

  1. Week 362

    Work on a personal news-related project and the St Bride Library conference.

  2. Week 361

    Catching up on weeknotes after a holiday and procrastination.

  3. Week 356

    Getting towards the end of the project, not feeling good about pressure.

  4. Week 355

    Project going fine, Facebook Connect aside.

  5. Week 353

    Back on Project Humphrey after a break, and all is good.

  6. Week 351

    Busy finishing work off, then to SXSW.

  7. Week 350

    A busy week on Project Humphry, El Morro and Samuel Pepys.

  8. Week 349

    Wireframing and some quick coding for BERG’s El Morro project.

  9. Week 348

    Suddenly, the next two weeks are chock full of exciting things.

  10. Week 347

    Looking at the failed news project, and moving on to Project Humphrey.

  11. Week 345

    Reserving a few weeks to work on my own projects.

  12. Week 344

    Getting stuck into Django by starting a new personal project.

  13. Week 342

    Moving into a new office for the first time.

  14. Week 340

    Summing up 2009, which, again, has felt too aimless.

  15. Week 338

    Finishing Misfits, learning Django, turning down work.

  16. Week 337

    Work tailing off, and needing to be firm with myself to Get Things Done.

  17. Week 336

    Moving into the “learning and making things” phase that fills the spaces between work.

  18. Week 335

    Misfits is slowing down and the end is in sight.