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2018-07-29 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 29 July 2018

    ‘Wolf Hall’ and realistic plays, ‘Brighton Rock’, Jenny Holzer, weeknotes.



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    @jonty Only the other day I was thinking how I always imagined they were prepping for when the people bring down the government, or for the aftermath of natural disaster. Not for the enacting of the will of the people by incompetent egotists.

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    @thestoryof4AD I don’t think I realised how exhaustive your book was at first, and by the time I realised I was committed to the task :) Thanks for writing it. It was fascinating and it’s really stuck in my brain since reading it.

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    The only smart home device I really want is a laundry basket that is dormant till Laundry Basket Zero is achieved and then lights up and plays, “We are the champions”.

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    Yesh, more new Aphex Twin on the horizon? (Ad at Elephant & Castle London Underground station, via