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Writing tagged weeknotes

  1. This week

    Some things that I’ve done, watched, read and listened to this week.

  2. What I’ve been doing recently

    Some things I’ve been doing.

  3. Week notes

    Bored of writing week notes, so I’m going to stop.

  4. Week 384

    Continuing with the large American client, and doing some things for Hypergame.

  5. Week 382

    Starting with a new US-based client.

  6. Week 381

    Frustrations and other things with Django.

  7. Week 380

    Comparing freelancing to proper jobs, in terms of money and holiday.

  8. Week 378

    Starting to re-write my own site in Django, in order to learn how to use it, and very much enjoying it.

  9. Week 377

    Spent most of the week preparing my OpenTech talk about Today’s Guardian.

  10. Week 376

    A short but good week.

  11. Week 375

    Fiddling with twittery things. And a day off. Nice.

  12. Week 374

    Spending way too long improving the maps on Pepys’ Diary.

  13. Week 372

    Design-as-development for the new client, and lots of Pepys.

  14. Week 369

    Catching up on overdue tasks, arguing, Django.

  15. Week 368

    Getting on top of things.

  16. Week 367

    A busy week, work and socially.

  17. Week 366

    Still struggling with animation and swiping on Today’s Guardian.

  18. Week 365

    Fiddling with Today’s Guardian on iPhone/iPad, moving photos, and Pepys.

  19. Week 364

    Today’s Guardian, work with BERG, and more Pepys.

  20. Week 363

    A bit of work and too many other things to make much progress on the news project.

  21. Week 362

    Work on a personal news-related project and the St Bride Library conference.

  22. Week 361

    Catching up on weeknotes after a holiday and procrastination.

  23. Week 356

    Getting towards the end of the project, not feeling good about pressure.

  24. Week 355

    Project going fine, Facebook Connect aside.

  25. Week 353

    Back on Project Humphrey after a break, and all is good.