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w/e 17 June 2018

A brief one this week because my MacBook’s keyboard has decided to pack in again so, until I get back to an external keyboard, I only have an iPad to tap on.

This week I’ve been reminding myself how D3.js works. I’ve had to do this several times over the years. Every time I stop using it for a few months (and this time it’s been nearly a year) the shape of my brain starts going back to normal. So I’ve re-read Interactive Data Visualization for the Web and spent a day or two putting together a little project, which is nearly done. I should do more little projects, rather than unwieldy months-long projects.

I’ve also spent a little time each day watching introductory videos about Blender, purely because I thought knowing a bit more about 3D graphics would be interesting. It’s been over 25 years since I last did any and, obviously, it’s now all vastly more complex and impressive. I’m under no illusions that I’ll become even vaguely competent, or even that I’ll continue beyond another week or two of feeling around it all, but it’s interesting to dip a toe into a different field.

Finally, three tweets from Carl Steadman:

Failure may be the logical result of your endeavors. Not through any moral lack; you could just not have what it takes within current social constructs.

Accept your limitations. It is a trick of capitalism to blame yourself for what you could never achieve.

He tells himself, trying to come to terms in the latter portion of his life with his middling talent and off-putting personality.

And here we are, another week.

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