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2018-06-04 (Monday)


  1. w/e 3 June 2018

    A new site for my work, and swimming lanes compared to shared space road designs.


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    blah blah iOS blah blah watchOS blah blah macOS blah blah [two hours pass] blah blah FAVICONS SHOWING IN SAFARI TABS!


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    @spaceboy I suspect the implication is that it’s where you store your drugs or fags or knives. But I imagine sweets and an I-Spy book.

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    @spaceboy I see a lot in Essex, teenage boys on bikes wearing hoodies, all with these little bags. I’m struggling to find the correct search term to find pictures…

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    @paulpod But Paul, it’s got news in it now! News! In the Stocks app! Exciting!!!!

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    @aanand Oh it annoys me too, but I’d at least like to be annoyed in the correct order.

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    @aanand Because I like knowing what friends are up to nowish, or even today, rather than a couple of days ago. And if they post a few images in sequence, they can currently end up being in a random order, which is weird.

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    I’m sure they’re terribly cool, undoubtedly practical, but those little shoulder bags teenage boys wear are so *cute*, like they’re a present from a well-meaning aunt that their mum now makes them wear to be polite.

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    The repeated comparisons between Y2K & #Brexit annoy me. The politicians & pundits who trot them out are never challenged because they’re never dealing with experts who know that they’re talking rubbish. There are two strands to the nonsense. 1/8…

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    That was my point. That, like bug, ‘hard Brexit’ scare stories won’t come true because prep will be done to mitigate any potential damage…

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    Under maritime law, your vessel may be subject to safety inspection at any time.

    Sheffield, England, United Kingdom