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w/e 25 February 2018

Four of this week’s days were spent at the lovely Museum in a Box. at their new Hoxton office, doing some behind-the-scenes web stuff with Django. More of that this coming week.

Aside from that, and aside from an almost permanent low-level, week-long headache, I went to see The Shape of Water, which I enjoyed. It dragged slightly somewhere middle-ish, but everything else was good enough it didn’t matter too much. And any film featuring Michael Shannon is automatically even better than it would otherwise be.

The past few days I’ve been working my way through Search Party (free on All 4, UK folks). A while back I gave up on it a few episodes in because all the characters were so unlikable. That doesn’t have to be a problem — way back, it took me a few episodes to get over this with Seinfeld for example — but I couldn’t find any reason to care what happened to the Search Party gang. However, a friend said it was worth sticking with, so I went back and it has become a bit more interesting. They’re still mostly unbearable people, and mostly one-dimensional but it’s somehow still quite good despite that.

Today, the first headache-free day all week, I picked up Battlefield 1 again after a year or so. Last time, I got stuck creeping around in a dark and muddy part of World War I, and I did not want to return. Not a place I wanted to spend any time in. But I told myself I couldn’t get another game till I’d tried again and, onward, to more fun, exciting and, sometimes, even sunny scenarios. My like of a game is, apparently, greatly dependent on its weather and scenery.

That’s about it. I’ve found that my brain can no longer really cope with thinking about much else when I have work on.

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