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2018-02-25 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 25 February 2018

    Museum in a Box, ‘The Shape of Water’, ‘Search Party’ and ‘Battlefield 1’.

  2. Save the Cat! by Blake Snyder

    My notes on “The Last Book on Screenwriting That You’ll Ever Need”.


  1. GitHub - kennethreitz/requests-html: HTML Parsing for Humans™

    Python web requests and page scraping. Looks like it might be a bit easier than BeautifulSoup. (via @simonwillison)


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    @dr_sehmish @samuelpepys This tale came from the Swede:…

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    I hear the most horrid and astonishing newes that ever was yet told, that De Ruyter with his fleete in Guinny hath proceeded to the taking of whatever we have, forts, goods, ships, and men, and tied our men back to back, and thrown them all into the sea, women and children also.

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    A day late, but Happy 100th Birthday Estonia 🇪🇪! I lived there 96/97/98 & after I came back, discovered my grandad (who died in 87) had this photo of Tallinn on his wall for years. We think he took it in 1926 when he was in the merchant navy. I went back and took the pic again.