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2018-07-08 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 8 July 2018

    Ellsworth Kelly’s photographs; writing and filming a scene for my showreel; more Ask MeFi questions; and a happy video.


  1. All Things Linguistic

    A blog about linguistics, by Gretchen McCulloch, focusing on the net and space and that kind of thing. Loads of fascinating posts. (via Ask MeFi)

  2. Blot

    “Blot is a blogging platform with no interface. It creates a special folder in your Dropbox and publishes files you put inside.” (via Warren Ellis)


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    Because it’s so warm I’m watching the movie where Jason Bourne gets lost in the desert with his friend.

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    help me I can't stop

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    My original Mac OS Control Panel cross-stitch project is done! This took nearly 6 months, working on and off- so many little pixels to stitch. #NerdStitch #Macintosh And of course many thanks to @SusanKare for her wonderful original art on the Mac.

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    @philgyford Well actually, Pathfinder is more of a colleague than a friend

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    EGGS: Tee hee! You may look, fair customer, but you will never find me! Am I next to the bread? Or perchance by the milk?
    ME: *goes to the milk*
    EGGS: No! I'm by the binliners, inexplicably!
    ME: Goddammit
    ME: Now I'm by the coffee! All hail Eggs, The Scoundrel of the Supermarket!