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2018-02-11 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 11 February 2018

    More acting classes, part-way through another laborious personal project, season six of ‘Spiral’, and episode recaps.


  1. John Perry Barlow gave internet activists only half the mission they need.

    Because it hasn’t quite occurred to me that all that “keep your hands out of our internet, you stupid governments” stuff meant that we left a space in which corporations could do whatever they liked. (via @michalmigurski)


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    @russelldavies “You should see the way they use Soviet Montage Theory when posting multiple photos on Instagram.”

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    this Nike advert is to sell more stuff to kids…

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    This Nike advert
    • is authentically representative
    • is self aware
    • shows more than one woman playing sport
    • plays on longstanding social politics and tropes
    • is actually funny
    #NothingBeatsaLondoner 👏🏾

    Croydon, London, United Kingdom

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    The hostility of Instagram patterns is creeping into my mood. Arrange a set of photos? Instagram starts on the second pic. Dismiss “recommended” posts? Slaps you with an ad. Unmute one video? I just realised I’ve trained myself to quit the app after watching to turn mute back on.

    Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, United States