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Links tagged with “weblogs”

  1. Click Around, Find Out – Dirty Feed

    “If you stopped cultivating your own website because you really liked Twitter, or because Google Reader was shut down, did you really care about it that much in the first place?” Yup.

  2. Notes: We’ve Got Blog (2002) (Kicks Condor)

    “…my notes on the book We’ve Got Blog: How Weblogs Are Changing Our Culture … a pretty decent compilation of blog posts from … mostly 1999-2002.” Great. Fascinating excerpts and commentary.

  3. Kicks Condor

    Not just an unusual blog design but loads of good writing about the web and interesting links. (via Things Magazine)

  4. Link Review: weblogs round-up | things magazine

    Summarising which of the weblogs in their sidebar are still active. Not many. Remember weblogs?

  5. All My Blogs Are Dead - The Awl

    A writer on all the blogs and news sites he’s written for which no longer exist online. Paper magazines and newspapers ultimately have greater longevity. (via Waxy)

  6. Oral History: Sex! Drugs! Apps! SXSW Interactive At 20 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

    Mainly for the 2000 era memories, the Weblogs Roundtable, etc. I only felt like an observer - I wasn’t blogging and didn’t know anyone really - but I’m happy I was able to be there.

  7. Frank Chimero × Blog × Homesteading 2014

    “In light of the noisy, fragmented internet, I want a unified place for myself—the internet version of a quiet, cluttered cottage in the country.” Exactly how I’ve seen my site, which is in need of renovation. Maybe 2014. (via Stellar)

  8. Futurist-blogs.xls

    A spreadsheet of blogs about the future. (via Houston Futures)

  9. Dead Media Beat: tech blogs | Beyond The Beyond

    Sterling on various blog posts wondering Bout the death of blogging. I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t read any of those “professional” blogs the pundits say are dying. I won’t notice.

  10. The Dan Plan

    Spending 10,000 hours (a la Gladwell) over six years to learn to golf from scratch, hoping to become a top professional. I often wonder how late in life you could still become expert at something new. (via Kottke)

  11. …and the ‘blog’ you rode in on

    Found this lurking on my hard drive from, perhaps, the “middle-early ages” of blogging.

  12. Live blogging the general election | Media | The Guardian

    I think this was the most useful, interesting, to-the-point, immediate, high-signal, and simply best news media I’ve experienced in a long, long time. (via Simon Willison)

  13. Montylounge’s django-mingus at master - GitHub

    Of all the Django weblog apps, I *think* this is supposed to be one of the best.

  14. Dial 01 for London

    Lovely. Isn’t the internet fun sometimes. (via Crackunit)

  15. The benbrown website :: daily text

    Ben Brown’s 6985 word account of his SXSW 2000 and *that* weblog panel. A lovely piece, still worth a read.

  16. Comments on 1142 | MetaFilter

    A bit more flurry about weblogs and “3000 word” Ben Brown-style essays, post SXSW 2000. Quaint.

  17. Hack the Planet: Are you sure?

    A post-SXSW2000 discussion about weblogs and cliques and oh all those things that now seem so old.

  18. Detainee 063

    Real-time account of the interrogation of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner, seven years on, Pepys’ Diary style. (via Kottke)

  19. Jorn Barger, the NewsPage Network, and the Emergence of the Weblog Community |

    Fascinating history of the early days of weblogs, with a prominent place for Dave Winer’s NewsPage stuff, which I remember being important to me (the Haddock Directory started on Userland Frontier in 1997). (via Preoccupations)

  20. Hot gossip as Pepys and Austen go blogging - Times Online

    Pepys in the Sunday Times. Reads as if it’s only just started, rather than having been around for more than six years. And why do these journalists never get in touch with me?

  21. Mapping the Brainysphere: 29 blogs switched-on gamers should read « Subject Navigator

    I was looking for one or two good games blogs to follow and found too many. Choices choices.

  22. Google Open Source Blog: Google Blog Converters 1.0 Released

    Excellent - scripts to convert between Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType and WordPress. I reckon every single online service should have an “Export” button and nag you if you haven’t backed-up in a while. (via Tom Taylor)

  23. West End Whingers

    I’m enjoying this blog’s theatre reviews. Intelligent but down to earth and nothing too obscure.

  24. Home is where the heart is

    Another weblog by someone at LISPA, currently doing the second year. Still odd to read about people doing what I did exactly one or two years ago.

  25. Adam Curtis: The TV elite has lost the plot | The Register

    ‘Power of Nightmares’ etc creator on the BBC and other media being scared, the faults of blogs, user-generated content. “It’s a time of great technical invention but it’s a time of [artistic] stagnation.”

  26. How Top Bloggers Earn Money

    I’m fascinated by people making decent amounts of money from this stuff, particularly when it happens almost accidentally. (via Daring Fireball)

  27. CoComment - Join the conversation

    Maybe this would be a more useful place to store where I make comments on sites, rather than a text file. (via Haddock)

  28. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Confessions of a virtual virgin

    Newspaperman Roy Greenslade on coming to terms with being a blogger, and what journalists must now accept and learn.

  29. Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet

    Intriguing anti-spam solution for weblogs and pretty much any site with user-submitted content.

  30. Nev n Dave » Top 10 tips for effective blog reading - part 1

    More tips for stopping RSS overwhelming you. Apart from unsubscribing from them all.

  31. Productivity Tips For Avid Blog Readers

    How to stop RSS feeds overwhelm you. Aside from switching off the computer and doing something else.

  32. Drawn! The Illustration Blog

    My new favourite weblog, full of inspiration. (via Boing Boing)

  33. The Stage Online :: Newsblog

    I stumbled across the Stage’s weblog earlier in the week, and it’s very good indeed.

  34. Blogsonstage

    Hosted service for theatre-oriented weblogs. Needs a nicer front-end, but fairly early days.

  35. Bumpus

    Yay! Congrats Jay and Fi (and Felix).

  36. Subtraction: May 2005 Archives

    Interesting weblog design. Monochrome, looks like print. Mostly yum.

  37. The Tofu Hut - Monday, May 09, 2005

    Huge categorised list of MP3 blogs and other sites with free MP3s.

  38. The unbearable lightness of blogging | Civilities

    Jon Garfunkel on the “it’s just a blog” defence of inaccuracies in weblog posts. An “ethos of sloppiness”.

  39. O, Poor Robinson Crusoe!

    New weblog from London-based playwright Stephen Sharkey.

  40. English Cut

    Utterly fascinating weblog by a bespoke tailor, and a great example of how a simple weblog can promote a business.

  41. Theatre notes

    Weblog by an Australian theatre critic.

  42. TheatreVOICE :: opinion, debate, argument, reviews; word of mouth about theatre in London and beyond

    Dumb Flash-heavy theatre site whose content I can’t even be bothered to find.

  43. Encore Theatre Magazine

    Theatre-oriented weblog by a bunch of anonymous “writers, directors, actors, designers, administrators, theatregoers”.

  44. My London life

    Weblog of Paul Miller, theatre director, currently recounting the rehearsals of a play in Tokyo.

  45. Seb’s Open Research - backlink feeds

    And a post about Commentlogging beneath that.


    Actually, the whole site looks great. Any weblog with a post about the ‘LA Times’ introducting vertical rules into their 1-pica gutters gets my vote.

  47. Archinect : School Blog Project

    A collection of weblogs by students at architecture schools around the world, documenting their experiences. Every academic discipline should have this.

  48. Copy, Right?

    MP3 blog devoted to cover versions. Don’t know why no one did it before!

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