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2005-05-26 (Thursday)


  1. Blogsonstage

    Hosted service for theatre-oriented weblogs. Needs a nicer front-end, but fairly early days.

  2. Stay Free! Daily: Radio Free Clear Channel

    I’m fascinated by corporations trying to appear anti-establishment, and this is an awesome/scary example.

  3. Switch with Which? | Compare tariffs | Which? Tariff Selector

    Which? magazine’s mobile phone service chooser - what’s cheapest for you?

  4. Prepaid GSM, the mobile world around you -

    Lots of info about pay-as-you-go mobile services around the world.

  5. HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Global GSM Prepaid Overview

    Reviews of international pay-as-you-go mobile servies, desperately in need of an index.