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2005-01-21 (Friday)


  1. Theatre notes

    Weblog by an Australian theatre critic.

  2. TheatreVOICE :: opinion, debate, argument, reviews; word of mouth about theatre in London and beyond

    Dumb Flash-heavy theatre site whose content I can’t even be bothered to find.

  3. Encore Theatre Magazine

    Theatre-oriented weblog by a bunch of anonymous “writers, directors, actors, designers, administrators, theatregoers”.

  4. My London life

    Weblog of Paul Miller, theatre director, currently recounting the rehearsals of a play in Tokyo.

  5. Recent Web Accessibility Articles - ::

    Some handy articles on developing accessibly.

  6. The perils of using XHTML properly | 456 Berea Street

    Things to watch out for when doing stuff in XHTML.