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2009-07-07 (Tuesday)


  1. The highwalks are an island

    A response to Will Wiles’ post ‘In Praise of Beech Street’.



  1. The City Of London Highwalks.

    Paul Mison’s starting some writing about the raised pedestrian walkways in the City of London. Good stuff.

  2. + Spotify + Find new albums

    Find albums by your top artists on that have recently been added to Spotify. Although many are albums I already have, which is how I’ve listened to them on… (via Tom Taylor)

  3. Jorn Barger, the NewsPage Network, and the Emergence of the Weblog Community |

    Fascinating history of the early days of weblogs, with a prominent place for Dave Winer’s NewsPage stuff, which I remember being important to me (the Haddock Directory started on Userland Frontier in 1997). (via Preoccupations)


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    Lying on the sofa, surfing for music between Radio 2 and 6 Music, reading CodeIgniter docs. All is well.

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    Had I been up to date with my feeds I would have been with the cool @bldgblog kids. Instead I've reached 99.5% completed on this project.

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    @zzgavin (a) Like I could tell the difference (or care enough), and (b) I don't want to store more useless plastic. Just give me bits.

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    Doh. Just ordered three albums online. Checked out. Realised I'd ordered "CDs" rather than downloadable music. I have to *wait* to listen?

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    Somehow managed cycling home -> Vauxhall -> Shoreditch -> home without getting wet. Close.

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    About to head to a meeting on the bike. I predict a soaking on the way home. At least I won't be standing on a plinth when the rain comes.