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2007-11-24 (Saturday)


  1. Epic storytelling

    We’ve moved from Commedia to epic storytelling, although telling real-life epic stories makes me uneasy for some reason.

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  1. - What I Learned in Art School (Is it Design Thinking?)

    Great list Christopher. I’ve been thinking recently that concentrating on the kind of skills in…


  1. VectorMagic

    Nice, free web-based bitmap to vector graphic convertor. (via Ted Mills)

  2. Indiepop Radio

    Fantastic. “Indie songs with proper tunes and proper lyrics: Indiepop, Sarah Records, Brit-Pop, Shoegaze, Twee…” Streaming radio and a podcast.

  3. Nonesuch to Release Music from Five Years of “The Wire”

    Sounds good… and only six weeks to go until the fifth season begins.

  4. Ben Goldacre: Now for ID cards - and the biometric blues | Comment is free | The Guardian

    Can we all club together and buy Ben Goldacre an award for services to common sense or something? He’s been on fire this year.

  5. Adam Curtis: The TV elite has lost the plot | The Register

    ‘Power of Nightmares’ etc creator on the BBC and other media being scared, the faults of blogs, user-generated content. “It’s a time of great technical invention but it’s a time of [artistic] stagnation.”

  6. A List Apart: Articles: Understanding Web Design

    Zeldman on how too few people understand what web design is. Hence dumb flashy sites winning web design awards. (via Infovore)

  7. - What I Learned in Art School (Is it Design Thinking?)

    A list of skills learned in art school that aren’t hands-on crafting skills. These are the best things about such places I think (via Purse Lip Square Jaw via Rodcorp)

  8. Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka - Celebrating ORG’s Second Birthday

    The Open Rights Group is doing fantastic things for the UK online world. I joined when they started and if you join now the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust will match your contribution. Go!


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    I have just enough 'Godspeed You Black Emperor!' to last through a reading of 'Heart of Darkness'. Now, bed.