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2010-01-25 (Monday)


  1. Week 345

    Reserving a few weeks to work on my own projects.


  1. The benbrown website :: daily text

    Ben Brown’s 6985 word account of his SXSW 2000 and *that* weblog panel. A lovely piece, still worth a read.

  2. Comments on 1142 | MetaFilter

    A bit more flurry about weblogs and “3000 word” Ben Brown-style essays, post SXSW 2000. Quaint.

  3. Hack the Planet: Are you sure?

    A post-SXSW2000 discussion about weblogs and cliques and oh all those things that now seem so old.

  4. CamWorld: Thinking Outside the Box

    Cameron Barrett’s account of SXSW 2000.


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    Making a big load of red bean gumbo.

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    Spending most of the day scratching my head about trying to do simple things in Django. This will probably continue for most of the week.

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    @tomcoates Currently, 6.30ish on weekdays, about 8.30ish on weekends. No kids.

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    @gilest Jonathan?