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Links tagged with “acting”

  1. Dominic Kelly Acting Coach

    I’m sad that salon:collective has closed its doors, but the lovely and excellent Dom is still going.

  2. How did you find your passion? - career work motivation | Ask MetaFilter

    A great answer (from 2008) that’s realistic and emphasises that you don’t need to (sometimes shouldn’t) turn your passion, if you even have one, into your career.

  3. Bronson Pinchot Discusses All Things Audiobooks — Vulture

    Interesting on how he thinks about recording audiobooks.

  4. Headshot Hunter | Compare Actor Headshot Photographers

    I’m not sure why I’m surprised this exists, but it does. The search/browse form’s a bit confusing, but still.

  5. Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Performance Proves Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting - The Atlantic

    More interesting than its title suggests. On the male Method actors who suggest you have to suffer for the role in order for it to feel like real work. And how differently female Method actors are treated.

  6. Casting Call Woe

    In the brief period that I read casting websites I thought about starting something like this, because there’s so much weirdness there.

  7. LRB · Terry Castle · Adieu, madame

    A good account of just how huge an international star Sarah Bernhardt was. Also, the fedora was originally a hat worn by women. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

  8. LISPA - School - Information - Film

    LISPA has a new website and a promotional film. The pictures at the top are people from my year, the film features people from the year above. Very strange, and lovely, to see and hear all this stuff again.

  9. Reduced Circumstances - Current showcase

    Run actors’ showcases at Soho Theatre twice a year.

  10. Home is where the heart is

    Another weblog by someone at LISPA, currently doing the second year. Still odd to read about people doing what I did exactly one or two years ago.

  11. Remember to breathe: Catching up a bit

    I’m loving Eric’s account of being at LISPA. Nicely written and very reflective. He’s the father of someone I was there with until July, and is now doing the course himself!

  12. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (red nose)

    Another brief clip of me talking, this bit about the clown’s red nose.

  13. - Phil Gyford at Interesting 2008 (mask)

    A clip of me (taken by Roo) talking about masks at Interesting 2008.

  14. BSA Actor Training

    Part-time courses in London from somewhere I haven’t heard of. (I keep meaning to collate such places in a post. One day.)

  15. Breaking Through - New York Times

    Just because I find it interesting what movies make a performer’s reputation, and in some cases makes it harder for them to different roles later. (via Kottke)

  16. Impro (9 February, 2008, Interconnected)

    Matt Webb’s notes on the ‘Masks and Trance’ chapter of Keith Johnstone’s book ‘Impro’.

  17. Thesp Club

    One of the four current part-time Foundation acting courses at the City Lit have their own collective weblog. Scarily enthuiastic.

  18. Copy Provided Agreement Form (PDF)

    An example form to use if you’re going to act in a no/low budget film and want to use footage for a showreel.

  19. For Actors Homepage

    Lots of really good, practical advice for newbie actors, with an emphasis on screen acting.

  20. LISPA - Naropa Alumni

    People who were at the college I’m now at.

  21. The Actor Works » Home

    Acting school in London that a friend is currently at.

  22. Actors Temple

    Meisner-based acting teaching in London, with an unusually nifty website too, even if their name seems to have lost an apostrophe somewhere.

  23. Meisnertalk : Students of the Meisner Technique

    Not sure how useful it will be, but reading other actors sharing worries and tips is quite good so far.

  24. Sanford Meisner Master Class DVDs

    This looks like it’d be good. Eight hours of Meisner teaching from the 1980s.

  25. TV Guide Community: Of Office Emmy Cheers and Acting Careers

    Interesting stuff on how to be an actor in LA. Her professor said, “If you can think of anything else you are passionate about besides acting, do that. Your life will be better for it.” (via Kottke)

  26. Gwenergy: Stage Fright

    A good New Yorker article on stage fright and how it affects different people.

  27. Theatre of All Possibilities - Gallery

    Interesting-looking London/Santa Fe theatre company, and these videos hint at doing interesting things with computer generated stuff.

  28. YouTube - Extras - Episode 5 - Acting by Sir Ian

    I’m very much enjoying ‘Extras’. Some great bits, like Ian McKellen’s description of acting. Wonderful, and so straight-faced.

  29. Dejal - Narrator

    Handy Mac app for reading out stories or scripts. Can give each script character a different voice, and leave a gap for you to say your lines.

  30. Actors & Writers London

    Someone emailed to point me at this and I’ll lose it if I don’t link to it. Fortnightly rehearsed readings of new plays.

  31. London Centre for Theatre Studies

    Year-long, 40 hours per week (over 4 days) acting course for mature students. Sounds very intense.

  32. The Questors Theatre - Acting at the Questors

    “The largest amateur theatre in Europe”

  33. Association for Psychological Science: ‘To be or, or … um … line!’

    Actors shouldn’t learn lines by rote, “but feel their character’s intention in reaction to what the other actors do, causing their lines to come spontaneously and naturally”. (via Boing Boing)

  34. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The invisible man

    David Nicholls on realising, after eight years as an actor, that he just wasn’t very good.

  35. Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Acting out

    Looking at how we react quicker physically than emotionally, and applying that to acting.

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