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2016-08-12 (Friday)



  1. They Could Have Picked… (London Review of Books)

    Eliot Weinberger on all the Republican presidential candidates other than Trump. At this point it’s become easy to forget that they were *all* nutjobs. Still, makes me thankful to live in the UK.

  2. Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Performance Proves Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting - The Atlantic

    More interesting than its title suggests. On the male Method actors who suggest you have to suffer for the role in order for it to feel like real work. And how differently female Method actors are treated.

  3. There’s No App for That: Adventures in Conserving Old Tech · SFMOMA

    About the difficulties of starting up a mint iPhone 1 and exhibiting it as a working thing. And HyperCard. (via @antimega)


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    @tomskitomski was it a fold-out cover with everyone who’s ever claimed to’ve invented it?