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2004-09-26 (Sunday)


  1. Walking on the right

    It seems there’s a convention of pedestrians passing each other on the right in America. If so, is there also a convention of passing on the left in the UK and I’ve been oblivious to it my whole life? Am I dumb?

  2. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

    To be honest I was a little disappointed by Amusing Ourselves to Death, although this may have been…



  1. Folksongs of America: The Gordon Collection: American Folklife Center

    MP3s of music recorded onto wax cylinders in the 1920s with lyrics and extensive liner notes.

  2. Ninja Tune free music downloads, free video downloads

    A big bunch of tunes by Ninja Tunes folk for free download (MP3, Real and Windows Media).

  3. Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Acting out

    Looking at how we react quicker physically than emotionally, and applying that to acting.