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Writing tagged Television

  1. Practical Television, February 1952

    I bought a copy of this magazine and it’s got some interesting snippets in it.

  2. Black and white

    The same (good) joke from ‘Frasier’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’.

  3. Two billion viewers

    Did two billion people really watch the royal wedding?

  4. Trailers as movies

    I’d love to see a movie or TV show delivered at the same speed as trailers are.

  5. Misfits is Buffy good

    ‘Misfits’ is great in the same way that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was good.

  6. Proper, big, exciting

    I was on ‘The One Show’ talking about Samuel Pepys and diaries. Being to TV is exciting.

  7. Why do you like running?

    Having complained about the quality of newspapers, now I’ complaining about TV and radio news.

  8. It’s not a race

    Wondering why the BBC continually schedules hit US TV shows in bizarre ways, as if they don’t want anyone to watch them.

  9. A laudable idea

    Annoyed at Boing Boing’s link to the BBC’s consultation about on-demand programming, and an idea about classical music.

  10. Where’s my TV?

    Steven Johnson and others have raved about how complex ‘Lost’ is. Why are they so enamoured of such shallow, glossy shows when the cinema serves up much more challenging material? Why can’t TV do the same?

  11. Contextual signage

    Two newish things I like, which together are worth a post, a new sign at the Barbican and one of the new Channel 4 idents.

  12. 1970s UK TV Fictional Celebrity Big Brother

    Create your own fantasy Big Brother cast list. The craze that’s sweeping the nation.

  13. Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

    To be honest I was a little disappointed by Amusing Ourselves to Death, although this may have been…

  14. The Sky at Night

    Three old white-haired men in bow ties! On TV! It’s crazy!

  15. Bolero, Houston, R&B, The Office and Pop Idol

    Stumbling across great radio and TV, and ending up in tears.

  16. Teachers

    “There’s only one thing I hate more than a sore loser.” “What?” “You.”

  17. Felicity on ITV2

    In the dead of night, ITV2 is airing the best US teen angst drama.

  18. Dinnerladies

    Nancy Banks-Smith on the canteen sitcom, and why Stan should be in ‘The West Wing’.

  19. Great ‘24’ review

    A good review of ‘24’ in ‘Sight & Sound’.

  20. And Nancy Banks-Smith too

    Finally, the civilised world can relax. The Guardian’s top telly reviewer is now tracked by Byliner.

  21. The Big Brother universe

    Swapping housemates between different countries’ ‘Big Brother’ houses. It’s fantastic, really!

  22. Questioning time

    What he said. Last night, unable to find anything on TV that wasn’t about the war, that…

  23. Dawson’s Creek has a cast of one

    The kids of Dawson’s Creek are actually identical clones sharing a single personality.

  24. Felicity

    Wondering why ‘Felicity’ isn’t watched by anyone but me.

  25. As square as Dawon’s jaw

    Contains possible spoilers for British Roswell High viewers. As any media studies student would be…