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Saturday 12 July 2003

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Yonks ago (less than five, but certainly more than a couple) I wanted to add Nancy Banks-Smith, the Guardian’s masterful TV reviewer and national treasure, to Byliner but I couldn’t find a suitable page to index. Then — duh — I realised I could monitor the paper’s search results for ‘Nancy Banks-Smith’. So here she is, all Bylinered up. While her writing doesn’t make me wish I’d caught, say, last night’s EastEnders, the turns of phrase at least have me relishing her reviews of it, a talent no other writer can match.


'a talent no other writer can match'
Try Clive James, The Crystal Bucket: Television Criticism from "The Observer" 1976-79.
"I agreed with almost every word she (Jane Fonda) said. Until I heard her say it".
He was a lot better before he became a 'progam maker'.

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