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2011-02-03 (Thursday)


  1. Misfits is Buffy good

    ‘Misfits’ is great in the same way that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was good.


  1. The Pratfall of Penny Arcade - A Timeline

    I love catching up on drawn-out internet cultural events that are huge to a small number of people but of which I’m completely unaware. (via Waxy)


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    The past four months of doing interesting thinking and sketching for Google in CA (remotely) is now at a close. Onwards to the next thing!

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    Inspired by @blech, I wrote a thing about why ‘Misfits’ is good in the same way that ‘Buffy’ was good:

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    @tomcoates Yes, it wasn’t bad. I’m thinking about the tweet now.

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    Reading one of @tomcoates’ tweets.

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    Rewarded self for valour in the war against PHP’s ZipArchive class with a cup of tea and a chunk of millionaire’s shortbread. An honour.