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Thursday 13 January 2005

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Tom and chums came up with their dream Big Brother cast. In the same spirit I came up with my own version, ideal for Guardian Guide reading, TV retro-highlights marathon watching 20-30 something fools whose conversations inevitably descend to how many episodes of Mr Benn there were, or how odd those dubbed kids programmes the BBC used to show were:

1970s UK TV Fictional Celebrity Big Brother:

Surprise mid-way housemate: Peep-Peep, the Boy From Space

I admit, a few of these are probably 1980s shows, but then don’t you find the 1980s look like the 1970s these days?

And I realise now that Nancy isn’t fictional and is therefore disqualified before entering the house… suggestions for a suitable replacement?


Servalan should be in every Big Brother house. She rocked. Soooo cool.

Posted by Tom Coates on 15 January 2005, 12:28 am | Link

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