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Tuesday 6 January 2004

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That’ll teach me to write stuff past midnight. In my previous ramble about Sunday’s TV I completely forgot to mention The Sky at Night, which I stumbled onto at the end of the evening. I’m ashamed to admit that in its decades of broadcasting, and my decades of television viewing, I’ve never once watched it. It’s quite something, and made me realise how few elderly people you see on TV. Not one — Patrick Moore — but also two colleagues, each of whom not only had wild white hair, but a bow tie. How often do you see three snowy-headed old men wearing bow ties on TV, eh? And how often do you see one of them get up and start singing, huh? So I probably shouldn’t have kept thinking of The Fast Show’s Bob Fleming, but I’ll be tuning in again for sure.


I wonder if they had a problem with ordinary ties getting caught up in their telescopes. Nah! They're just trying to get noticed (and it worked).

Posted by Richard Carter on 7 January 2004, 10:16 pm | Link

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