Phil Gyford


Wednesday 13 April 2005

PreviousIndexNext Vote for me and Jamie Oliver!, which I built last year with those marvellous Pokers has been nominated for a Webby Award. And we need YOU to go here now and vote for the site. Eddie Izzard’s currently in the lead so go and fill out the laborious forms, sign over your first born, track down the correct category and vote for

Eddie Izzard may be a funny man, but his site’s all noisy and Flash-tastic and a bit messy if you want my entirely biased opinion. So here are reasons why you should vote for Mr Oliver:

  • He has his own personal weblog, and that’s all modern and stuff.
  • Even more moderner, he has a moblog thing where he posts photos directly from his phone. Yay for technology!
  • He has quite a lot of free and tasty recipes for you. Mr Izzard has no recipes.
  • He has busy forums full of handy tips and stuff (yeah, Izzard has a forum, but it hurts your eyes to read it).
  • Mr Oliver worked hard to feed kids better. Vote for the children!
  • You want attention to detail? You see the white and beige blocks on To make everything look a little sleeker, we took a single pixel out of the corner of each one. Look close.
  • Marvel at that accessible, sleek, hand-crafted HTML and CSS layout. A thing of beauty and a joy to behold. From my very own fingers.

So there you have it. Vote for me, vote for Jamie, vote for the children, vote for the pixels.

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