Phil Gyford


Thursday 28 October 2004

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Rather short notice, considering I’ve known about it for months, but it seems to have crept up on me. I’m hosting / facilitating / running (take your pick) a course entitled “Design for Adaptation” at the new 01 Creative Learning Lab in Soho, London. It’s on Tuesday afternoons for five weeks starting this coming Tuesday, so why not try and convince your boss to pay for you to come…

UPDATE: Oh, and yes, it would probably help if I wasn’t quite so rushed and could give you a decent overview of what I actually mean by adaptive design. Best thing to do is to read some of the stuff Dan Hill’s posted in his adaptive design category.

UPDATE 2: Ah well… the course has been cancelled this term for various reasons out of my control. I’ll try and give more notice before the next course in January…

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