Phil for hire, now

UPDATE: Thanks for the responses. I’ve now filled this immediate gap. Read more about what’s next.

Short story: If you could use a Phil for a few days (the rest of this week and/or all next week) email me at phil [at] gyford [dot] com. HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Movable Type, wireframes, planning, or anything else you think I can do. Ta.

Longer story: A week and a half a go I’d finished a chunk of nice work for the BBC and I’d just got that play out of the way. I had three weeks to go before I started college and wanted to fill it with as much work as possible (once college starts I’ll still be available for freelancing, but only for a small amount of time each week).

Just as I was about to ask around about work a certain large corporation asked if I was available and all of a sudden my time was booked. Hurrah! Unfortunately, due to the kind of endless faffing in which large corporations specialise, twelve days’ work dropped down to 5-6 days, and now may not start at all.

In the meantime I’ve done no other work. Normally I’d enjoy my time off, do something useful, and wait for something else to come up. But having set my sights on working and earning before college starts, this has been especially frustrating.

So, right now I’m free, and will continue to be so through to Friday 27th. Drop me a line if you need something doing. Thanks.

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