Work in 2006

A conversation last week made me realise that if you only know me through this website it looks like I’m spending all my time on acting stuff. This is far from the truth — it’s just that I’m finding the acting more interesting to write about (and I hope it’s more interesting to read). But in the interests of balance and clarity, here’s how I’ve been earning money in 2006 so far.

I spent part of January and February with the crazy young kids of Digit in “vibrant” Spitalfields — a few days on some HTML/CSS templates for one project and a vast amount of wireframes for another.

February was otherwise devoted to designing and building the Innovation Labs website for the BBC with Movable Type.

March and some of April was spent researching, planning and building The Time When, also for the BBC. Since then I’ve spent one day a week tweaking and adding features and will be doing so for a little while yet.

I also passed a pleasant week in April at the small but perfectly-formed Campbell-Lange Workshop doing some design, HTML and PHP on CLW Rota (there’s a bit about it on this page).

In May I was lured back to the Ning fold. Having already done a lot of HTML/CSS for Ning’s launch in 2005 I now spent some time writing Javascript and fixing CSS bugs, mostly in bloody accursed Windows Internet Explorer.

June and July saw me splitting my time three ways. Much of it I was with the nice folks at Nature’s offices near King’s Cross, beating Movable Type into shape to get the Nature Protocols site up and running. The remaining time was split between more Ning bug-squashing and continuing development on The Time When.

In August Ning and The Time When continued and I was also at the lovely Poke for a single day, marvelling at how much it had changed since my previous visit two years earlier.

September I was busy on a super top secret internal project for the BBC, and if I told you any more I’d have to kill you which would be embarrassing for both of us.

Even though there have been many work-free days punctuating all that, 2006 still seems like a busy year so far. 2½ months to go…


  • And a very fine job he did with fixing those bloody accursed IE bugs!

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