Phil Gyford


Wednesday 13 April 2005

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Unless you happen to be involved in either the energy or “life sciences” industries, it’s unlikely that Wood Mackenzie’s new website will make any impact on your life. But I point it out because I’ve spent a surprisingly large amount of time this and last year working on the HTML/CSS templates for the new site.

The construction of the actual site, once the templates were handed over, was done in-house. And everything else — design, IA, general organisation and shepherding — was done by the lovely Wilson Fletcher, with whom I was working.

Barring errors that crept in during implementation, the HTML should all be nice and accessible and standards-compliant and table-free and generally modern (the templates, at least, were valid XHTML). This seems normal to me, but I have to remind myself that it’s unusual, and very welcome, that a company sees the value in such things.


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