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Tuesday 10 January 2006

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I’ve just returned from Christmas and New Year in the Falkland Islands, visiting my sister (photos and writing will appear sometime soon). If you read you’ll have noticed it stopped updating on 21st December. The Directory is a manual operation requiring editorial, librarianship and swearing skills that even the computers of 2006 can’t manage. Given that I selfishly trust no one else to press the correct buttons, this usually goes quiet when I’m offline — expect it to catch up gradually this week.

Haddock Blogs however should run smoothly and automatically. Unfortunately a small coding error on my part caused the script to stop updating the site only hours after I’d left for the airport. So, please accept my apologies for my inability to get round to making that horrifically old and error-prone script half-way decent. This year it’ll be given a sharp smack with some modules and a good few spoonfuls of Clue, I promise. For a limited period the front page and the RSS feed will contain a greater number of entries, so hopefully few of the ramblings about babies and computer games will be missed.

On the plus side, Pepys’ Diary only suffered from a handful of spam annotations and Movable Type carried on publishing the wodge of diary entries I’d prepared before leaving. Byliner trundled on, but as I can go for a couple of weeks without paying it any attention, even when I’m online all day, that’s not really a surprise.

Right now I must continue catching up on email, feeds, a new load of entries for Pepys, and staying in waiting for my luggage to complete its journey home.


Wow: welcome back, sir: may I ask exactly how you got there? (We await photos of sheep and penguins.)

Posted by nick on 10 January 2006, 2:25 pm | Link

keep up the good work!

Posted by gavin on 10 January 2006, 5:32 pm | Link

And also an account in some of the travel sections of the Sunday newspapers.

Posted by Glyn on 10 January 2006, 6:11 pm | Link

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