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2006-01-22 (Sunday)


  1. A trip to the Falkland Islands

    My account of what the Falkland Islands are like. Briefly: remarkably pleasant. Sociable and surprisingly pretty with great wildlife.

Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. Cityofsound: Map of Europe in which real distances seem shorter thanks to the high-speed train

    I think that makes sense… I wasn’t really sure why there were three maps - I would only expect two:…



  1. Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype

    Another guide to using the Javascript library. One day I’ll use it rather than just post links to documentation. (via Tom Carden)

  2. Intense / complex classical music | Ask MetaFilter

    Handy recommendations from Arvo Part to, er, the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ soundtrack. (via ChrisDodo)