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2005-08-01 (Monday)


  1. Slimming for August

    I’m going to unsub from one RSS feed a day for the month of August.

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  1. …and another thing! - To do list

    Yeah, could do that. Also, what you’re actually interested in at any one time is only the *next*…

  2. …and another thing! - To do list

    Don’t know if it’s any help, but one bit of advice I’ve read about to do lists is to break them…


  1. Experimental Travel - Lonely Planet Online

    Interesting guide to going on holiday differently. (via Nick, who describes it as “Psychogeography and Related Bobbins for Beginners”)

  2. Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Review: The Impact of Inequality by Richard G Wilkinson

    Sounds interesting - equality matters more in a society than the absolute level of wealth.

  3. MacBreakZ - Your Personal Ergonomic Assistant - RSI prevention and recovery - Macintosh

    I’m giving this a go, in an effort to prevent my shoulders seizing up. Good, although the app feels a bit old fashioned.