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  1. Graphing the Guardian’s Eco Ratings for cars

    I made a graph comparing the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of cars reviewed by the Guardian, to the Eco Rating in the review.

  2. Selective Listening

    I had a scene in a film which you can now view online for free.

  3. FFFFOUND! export script

    A Python script to export your images

  4. Add a Google map to Django admin to get latitude and longitude

    How I added a Google map to the Django admin page for a model that has latitude and longitude fields.

  5. Two blogs, one WordPress

    How to make two blogs in one WordPress install.

  6. Twelescreen updated for 2017

    I updated Twelescreen with this year’s politicians and up-to-date code.

  7. US maps from 1963

    I scanned the covers of 66 maps that my mum collected while travelling across the USA in 1963.

  8. added to Django Ditto

    I’ve updated Django Ditto, which can now also archive your listens.

  9. MoMA Exhibition Seplunker

    About a website built with Good, Form & Spectacle for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  10. The Waddesdon Bequest website

    About making a website for the British Museum’s Waddesdon Bequest, with Good, Form & Spectacle.

  11. Some kettle suggestions

    I asked people to recommend kettles on Twitter. Here’s what they said.

  12. Thanks Leonard

    I used a bit of one of Leonard Cohen’s songs on a dating service.

  13. What isn’t an Incredible Journey?

    Is Twitter’s closure of Vine an Incredible Journey?

  14. Failing and trying and failing and trying again

    I’ve started doing some acting classes again, after about eight years of no acting.

  15. Django Ditto and archiving your stuff

    About making Django Ditto and whether it’s worth archiving all your ephemeral digital stuff.

  16. The Shaolin Film Club

    What I can piece together about the mid-1990s film, music and computer games club.

  17. Everything had to be new

    On the fads of 19th century Parisian bohemia.

  18., and user testing, by phone

    On’s two confusing interfaces, and wondering if user-testing of websites should include a remote support scenario.

  19. Folklore universe

    About a 2001 paper that looked at how creatures created on a gadget spread around a school, and how people fail to see beyond their own small network.

  20. On spending too long setting up one webserver

    I learned how to use Ansible and it took way too long because I like to do things properly.

  21. A thought on job ads

    On recruiters’ emails that are really dull.

  22. Planning for closure

    Maybe we should think about how long we expect our websites to live before we start making them.

  23. Teaching web development to design students

    What I taught to students at Goldsmiths and how it went.

  24. Press play

    A snippet of ten-year-old me from an old cassette.

  25. My 2015

    What I did in 2015.