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Writing: 2015

  1. Today’s Guardian is back

    The site is fixed and improved.

  2. Today’s Guardian fixes

    Describing why the site broke, the quick repair, and aims to get it back to full strength.

  3. Oh, this is so middle class

    My answer to a question on Quora.

  4. Missing things

    Missing things about the old Web.

  5. First sentence

    A great first sentence from an LRB article by Adam Smyth.

  6. API “mashup” suggestions

    Suggestions for quick things to make with JavaScript APIs.

  7. Any ideas for quick API “mashups”?

    Looking for ideas of things to make with Goldsmiths students.

  8. The most profound interest

    No one believed the Wright Brothers could fly.

  9. It is very nice

    I made an iTunes playlist of complete albums and EPs and found all their cover art.

  10. Fixed YouTube favourites

    YouTube favourites should appear in the big RSS feed again.

  11. The natural order of things

    Bits from an LRB review of a book about how socialism has disappeared from America.

  12. What I am, and have been, up to

    I’m freelancing again. It’s fine.

  13. Classic menswear blogs

    A list of the sites I read about tailoring.

  14. Parsing a Wikipedia page’s content with python

    How I ended up grabbing and parsing HTML from Wikipedia pages

  15. Practical Television, February 1952

    I bought a copy of this magazine and it’s got some interesting snippets in it.

  16. Temporary archiving’s terms of service include the right to delete anything and close without notice. Not really “the forever business” they promise.

  17. Reading about dancing about architecture

    Trying to find music sites to read, and realising I don’t want to read any of them.