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2022-05-01 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2022-05-01

    Nearly finishing decorating, chaffinches, and Russian Doll season two.

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  1. Sensor Watch | Crowd Supply

    Put an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller board inside your Casio F-91W digital watch. A pretty neat idea.


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    @rhodri Isn’t that part of the problem? That we tend to say “East or West” when on a compass it’s “West - East”. We’re so used to saying/thinking the former that we have to mentally undo that to remember their actual positions. (I have the same problem)

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    Staring, slightly nonplussed, at a reminder on my computer: ‘Page 3 guys’.

    Whatever is this? What did I mean? Did I talk to Siri in my sleep? Was I having weird dreams?

    Oh hang on… I had a tree felled on Thursday, and set a reminder as I was driving:

    Pay Tree Guys.