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  1. Media from February 2019

    A few things I watched, read, etc. in February that I didn’t get around to writing about sooner.

  2. The Story 2019

    The tenth annual The Story conference was as good as ever, with Alison S. M. Kobayashi and Sara Wajid giving my favourite talks.

  3. ‘Light Years’ by James Salter

    From 1975, I really enjoyed this book.

  4. Jumping off cliffs

    A quote about breaking out of a well-worn rut, by Benny Golson.

  5. At the gym

    Two gym thoughts.

  6. ‘Olive Kitteridge’

    We watched the miniseries. Recommended, but a bit hard going.

  7. The late style or elder game of blogging

    Wondering about the “elder game” and “late style” of blogging, and how weeknotes, as a phase of blogging, might fit in.

  8. m/e 31 January 2019

    The Favourite, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, The First, The Americans season six, Paul Heaton, Mildred Pierce, Luther season five, and Smoke by Simon Ings.

  9. The Beat Generation

    Generation X missing from a list of generations, and settling on the Silent Generation’s name in 1958.

  10. Flickr favourites and photos-of-you downloader in python

    From 5th February 2019 Flickr are going to be deleting an unknown quantity of older photos. So I…

  11. My 2018

    Some things I watched and read and heard and did in 2018.

  12. Mysterious algorithms

    From ‘Money Stuff’, on how algorithms in the markets go a bit wonky, not because they’re mysterious, but because humans don’t give them enough information.

  13. Stay vs Remain

    On the etymological differences between the wordings of the Brexit options.

  14. ‘Justified’ season three

    We are still enjoying it. Lots of fun.

  15. ‘The Sinner’

    Season one. Lots of flashbacks and squinting.

  16. ‘Roma’

    By Alfonso Cuarón.

  17. ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’

    I enjoyed Carson McCullers’ novel.

  18. Some movies

    Widows, Disobedience and Sorry to Bother You.

  19. The Mace Wielder’s Regenerations

    It’s nice to see a new regeneration of the Mace Wielder.

  20. Thomas’s hotels

    On the BBC’s A Hotel for the Super Rich & Famous, the second season of Thomas Kochs’ Fancy Hotels.

  21. Marzipan mince pie recipe

    At Christmas I often make some mince pies and I always use the same recipe because it seems to work. It has a lemony pastry and bonus marzipan.

  22. The People’s Front of Consumer Financial Protection

    Moving two words in an agency name potentially costing industry $300 million.

  23. Knowing one thing in depth…

    A quote by Mike Johnston.

  24. Search forms

    What are the best, most accessible ways to make website search forms? I tried to find out. Here are some examples.