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2022-08-22 (Monday)


  1. w/e 2022-08-22

    Walking across London, a Nick and five Toms, setting up a VPS, For All Mankind season three, the end of Better Call Saul, and season one of Ted Lasso.



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    @benterrett @undermanager I don’t have permission to see that one; the other is now in the queue, ta!

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    @peterme @undermanager It's almost like people never learn.

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    You can never have enough tumblrs and @undermanager made me start another one. Your my contributions are welcome, as and when you encounter them

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    @benterrett More contributions welcome (@undermanager made me do it)

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    @blogjam Not long after I read this tweet I hear the track beginning on NTS.

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    Thank you @IanMcKellen for coming to Who Here's Lost? @ThePleasance @edfringe this morning, and for your kind and generous words about the piece afterwards.
    You made my day.
    #edfringe #EdFringe2022