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Writing: 2007

  1. A new year’s resolution for you

    If you want a new years’ resolution, why not start reading Pepys’ Diary. Here are some reasons why you should.

  2. Flood of chatter

    Our end of term pieces went OK, although the Creation process remains frustrating.

  3. The new BBC homepage

    My thoughts on the new BBC homepage, which isn’t the project I was working on over the summer.

  4. Hands full of swords

    I’ve finished my first term of a weekly stage combat course, and it’s a lot of fun.

  5. Available for work

    I have some time available for work over the festive period.

  6. Epic storytelling

    We’ve moved from Commedia to epic storytelling, although telling real-life epic stories makes me uneasy for some reason.

  7. Ambition(s)

    For our new Company Development class I had to write down my “dream life as a creative artist”. This is my attempt.

  8. It was fun even

    It’s been a bumpy start to the second year after all. After a very low point I finally gathered up my courage and things have been looking up.

  9. A homepage, the power of design, and “consulting”

    I spent some of the summer consulting at the BBC on the future direction of their homepage. “Consulting” is a new experience for me.

  10. The Advanced Course begins

    We’re four days into the second (and final) year at LISPA and so far I’ve been…

  11. Net::Delicious errors

    I don’t like apologising for a post right at the start, but I must admit that this will…

  12. Back to school

    Returning to LISPA for the second year. Wariness turns to excitement, at last.

  13. BBC Programmes

    The site has just launched, with a permanent page for every episode of every TV and radio programme, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

  14. Is everyone scared of maths?

    A few days ago I saw Complicite’s new production at the Barbican, A Disappearing Number. I…

  15. Summer plans

    A quick update on what I’m up to… Term finished a couple of weeks ago and the world of…

  16. Twenty Movements

    The mythical Twenty Movements, ending the first year at LISPA.

  17. Final performance

    An unenjoyable three weeks spent trying to come up with an interesting performance after observing “religious spaces”.

  18. Going to church. And mosque, temple, synagogue…

    For our current project we’ve been to look round several religious spaces.

  19. Up, down, up, down

    I started the week not even wanting to finish the term, never mind doing another year, and ended back considering it.

  20. PMOG design

    A while back I did some design for Justin Hall’s Passively Multiplayer Online Game which I was very pleased with.

  21. ‘A Whore’s Profession’ by David Mamet

    Notes on this collection of essays. Most of the notes are about acting and directing.

  22. Carrying on

    Trying to decide whether to carry on at LISPA next year. So many good arguments for and against.

  23. Finishing with animals

    Real quick, as I must dash to college shortly. First, LISPA has an open day this coming Monday so,…

  24. Two NYRB notes

    The UN, European vs US 20th century war casualties, and Bush’s speechwriters.

  25. Larval masks and animals

    We spent a week using larval masks and are now imitating animals, gradually making them human.

  26. LRB notes

    Three passages from past London Reviews of Books. Empson on Christianity, Pythagorean rules, and the screams of children from old English schools.

  27. Optimism and creativity

    I’ve been wondering whether being optimistic helps creativity. I compare Modernism, 1960s Californian music, and 1970s New York music.

  28. Try now, judge later

    Thinking that I need to try and evade my tendency to be negative, cynical, sarcastic, etc in order to do as well as I can.

  29. The 57 steps

    The end of term two, and our project was “the 57 steps” which, eventually, went well.

  30. Times Online’s bizarre CSS revisited

    More on the Times’ loony new CSS implementation.

  31. Move the music

    LISPA hasn’t been all frustrations this term, so here are some good things.

  32. Times Online’s bizarre CSS

    The new Times Online design has some very, very strange CSS.

  33. The Haddock Directory is now closed

    The Haddock Directory is closing after nearly a decade of daily links.

  34. A laudable idea

    Annoyed at Boing Boing’s link to the BBC’s consultation about on-demand programming, and an idea about classical music.

  35. Standing stock still

    The first half of the second term has left me bemused, as everyone else happily interprets colour and paintings.

  36. Five things you don’t know about me

    Matt Webb prompted me to write about five things most people don’t know about me.