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2022-08-01 (Monday)


  1. w/e 2022-07-31

    Live telly, including the women’s Euro 2022 final; improving at scything; a free 4G aerial; Nous, First Cow, Undine, Pleasure, Swimming Pool, and Petite Maman.


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    You should go to @interesting. I am. It’s a lovely and inexpensive afternoon with nice people, which is the best kind of afternoon.…

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    Our first confirmed speaker. The incredible @JanetHughes talking about...soil.

    Textbook stuff.

    The @interesting conference. 16 short talks about interesting things. 3 September. Conway Hall, London £30.…

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    @ArizonaFreckles @not_a_heather People who call virtuous behavior "virtue signaling" do so becasue they can't imagine enganging in selfless behavior except as a performative gesture.