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2022-05-24 (Tuesday)


  1. Hosting a Django site on cPanel

    How to host a Django website on a cPanel host if you really, really must.


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    @simonw Strange. I’ve wondered how Twitter orders replies - seems as important as what gets shown in the main algorithmic timeline.

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    If you ever need to host a #Django website on a cPanel host, I’ve written a guide to how to do it…

    (But my main recommendation is to host it somewhere else if you can.)

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    @blech I hadn’t even noticed a different typeface…

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    @simonw It’s odd - after scrolling several screens I hardly saw any replies (1? 2?) that didn’t sympathise. I wonder if you’re seeing something different? (I tried Twitter iPad app and Tweetbot.)

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    Ah well. We’ll always have that brief golden few weeks between Instagram introducing the chronological Following display (at last!) and then introducing the ugly, harder-to-read, new design.

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    Anxiety tip: Next time you cringe over some embarrassing moment you had years ago try to remember other people's embarrassing moments. You can’t can you? That’s because you’re the only embarrassing human to exist, everyone else is always thinking about how cringey you are.