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Links tagged with “mp3s”

  1. Grime_tapes : : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive (which was archiving loads of old grime cassettes) appears to have disappeared, but it looks like they put some(?) of the files on

  2. The Wire: A Brief History Of Grime Tapes

    Some streams/MP3s of recordings of early(?) grime sets on pirate radio. I’m enjoying the first one so far. (via Shaun at Ruby Pseudo)

  3. Search Results mississippi records tape - Root Blog

    Various mix tapes by a Portland, Oregon record store, digitised and put online. (via Time & Materials)

  4. Irvinebrown » Music for Shuffle

    I’m listening to this now. It’s lovely. Little snippets of music that can be played in any order. Clever Matt.

  5. Moon Wiring Club – The Jayston Mix | Pontone

    Another free mix, this time devoted to actor Michael Jayston. (If I could find Moon Wiring Club’s album to download and pay for anywhere, I would…)

  6. The Wire: The ASDA mix - a Moon Wiring Club exclusive

    Fun, free mix of 1970sish British TV music type hauntology malarkey.

  7. Music « Devil’s Pie

    Some fine looking R&B/Soul type mixes for free download. (via Soul Sides)

  8. Ubu Web (ubuweb) on Twitter

    Lots of dodgy (in a legal sense) and intriguing (in an aural sense) listening on Ubu Web’s stream.

  9. Said the Gramophone: BEST SONGS OF 2009

    I’ve failed to keep up with music blogs this year, so this is a lovely catch-up. I’d like more variety of genre, but maybe I should look further afield.

  10. My Collection of Recorded 78 RPM Records - Free MP3 Downloads

    Currently 3,739 free MP3s ripped from one guy’s 78rpm records. That’s a lot of listening. (via Boing Boing)

  11. Silent Noise Control

    Another MP3blog with full albums, this one on “industrial, electronic and experimental weirdness.”

  12. Fauni Gena

    While looking for MP3blogs on electronic music (any suggestions?) I came across this one on ambient music.

  13. Billie the vision and the dancers

    Gorgeous, tuneful, twee Swedish pop, all free. If you try one track, try ‘A Beautiful Night in Oslo’. (via Not Your Usual Bollocks)

  14. Mark Vidler // Go Home Productions

    12 CDs worth (4 more to come) of mashups / bootlegs / remixes, his complete back catalogue, free. Of the few I know, ‘Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll’ on CD6 is one of my favourite bootlegs. (No permalink)

  15. BigO Worldwide - Brian Eno, Joanna MacGregor and Bath Camerata

    MP3s of a concert at Bath Abbey in 2006. ‘Music for Airports’ performed live for the first time is pretty good.

  16. Office Naps: Fresh 45 rpm curios every Monday

    Very much enjoying all these 1960s singles (the most recent post is a bit unexciting, but others are fab). And the images look great in iTunes’ Cover Flow view.

  17. The Perfumed Garden

    I’ve been very much enjoying this weblog that posts Peel Session MP3s (there’s a long list in the sidebar under ‘Active Sessions’).


    What was Norm’s 78 Record Room. Oodles of old country, blues, regional US records downloadable as MP3s.

  19. Jacob Borshard

    ‘The Last Brontosaurus’ is my current favourite album and it’s free! Treading the fine line between twee and heart-breaking. (via Said the Gramophone)

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